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Q: Why the color of stained glass is different between turning the light ON and OFF.

A: Most of the stained glass is different with ordinary glass, because it doesn’t have pure color, usually, the colors are mixed together, and the color stripes inside glass is very real and natural, moreover, the stained glass is different in color when the light with different color temperature filtering the glass sheet.

Q: Why Tiffany glass feels/sounds like plastic even though it’s glass?

A: Louis Comfort Tiffany developed a process of snugly wrapping each piece of stained glass in a thin piece of paper that is covered in copper foil. Because of this tight wrapping of the glass, there is no room for the glass to resonate and have the glass sound and feel like you expect to get when tapping on the surface, Normally, glass like in windows and in glassware is free to resonate with vibrations caused from tapping on it, but in the case of the stained-glass copper foil technique, this is lost and a dull thump is often all we hear.

If you gently tap the shade with a fork, you can feel the glass tone better. You can tell that a lamp shade is real glass by the depth and brilliance of color, especially when lit. The weight of plastic is also quite lighter than a glass shade.