About us

With more than 20 online stores spanning 23 countries and growing, Weaseller inc is a world-wide recognized active Tiffany stained glass lamp manufacturer and retailer. We’re passionate about timeless decor styles – and it goes way beyond lighting.

At Weaseller, wellness is a way of life. We don’t believe age, gender or past actions define you, only your ambition and desire for wholeness... today. BIEYE is a trademark of Weaseller inc. It is also a selling platform.

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our founders have deep roots in stained glass communities and our selections serve stained glass addicts and stained glass artists alike.

BIEYE is a worldwide well-known brand of Tiffany-style stained glass products, such as table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling pendant lights, window panels, suncatchers, etc. we specialize in designing and manufacturing Tiffany Style Lamp, Window Panel and other Stained Glass Artworks. Copyright © 2016-present Weaseller, Inc. All rights reserved.